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The Garner Method complete holistic lifestyle pre&post natal programme

Designed to encourage you to have a no fears, positive and empowering pregnancy, birth and baby bonding experience. 

For you and your partner

Birth Partner Preparation Workshop

Birth Partner Holistic Workshop brings your partners to be immersed in the holistic approach to supporting you during labour, birth and the post natal period. 

£90 investment

2hr session 

Birth positions and massage acupoints

Breathing Techniques

Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Hypnobirthing handbook

The 4th Trimester Concept 

Cuppa Cake Chat Connect to Reassure

Audio download guided relaxation

Limited to 3 couples per sessions for 30+ weeks

Booking PM or e mail for further information. 

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Pregnancy Relaxation Audio

Relaxation Audio

consistent support for you



"Would highly recommend Simone and her prenatal yoga class, prenatal massage and couples workshop. I've really enjoyed chatting to other mums to be and learning from theirs and Simone's experiences. The couple's session was really informative, relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed by both myself and partner". Rachel 


  • Is it safe to have a massage during pregnancy?  Yes! Studies have proven that massage therapy during pregnancy improves the mental, emotional and physical well being of the mother, indicating towards a more positive birth experience and healthier pregnancy.
  • Is it ok to have a massage in the first trimester and in labour? Yes and Yes. With a highly trained and qualified maternity massage practitioner, your treatment plan will be adapted to suit your specific needs. 

About Us

Post Graduate Instuctor Training

Teacher Training for Post Graduate Pregnancy Massage Therapy Method and Infant massage Courses

Pregnancy Bodywork Therapy Training February 2020

Baby Massage Instructor Training 

March 2020 Ayrshire 

Simone Garner

Simone Garner The Garner  Method
Maternity Massage Consultant

Extensively trained in bodywork therapy and teaching,  Simone brings Positive Prenatal Bodywork Therapy , Yoga, Hypnobirthing, Infant Massage and Relaxation to support women during pregnancy and beyond.










The Garner Method Daily 5 Programme

Pregnancy Yoga and Massage therapy

The Garner Method ®️ offers workshops and training sessions in The Daily 5 - Becoming your best self sessions - Bringing information, guidance, practical steps and support for you to explore a transformational healthier, happier and more efficient you in your life at work and home. A wellness mindset for life from a holistic approach.

Being struck down personally with a chronic illness 10 years ago, almost unable to walk, fast forward to now and becoming stronger and healthier every day in mind and body, running a 10k, training for a half marathon, I have learned key skills along the way that I have found to be advantageous to my recovery, resilience and reboot of a new life! I want to share this with you and your team to ignite becoming your best self and inspiring to motivate you to transform into a wellness mindset too.

West Coast Accelerator Member


Awards and Accreditation

Nominee for Specialist Maternity Service of the Year 2019

MaMa Conference Awards Nominee
Specialist Maternity Service of the Year 2019

Fedant Accreditation Courses

Fedant Accreditation Training


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Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have regarding pregnancy massage therapy, reflexology, reiki or training for women's health and well-being from conception to birth and beyond. Pregnancy massage Training in Ayrshire  Glasgow April 2019

Simone Garner

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Monday - Friday: 8AM–8PM

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The Garner Method

Supporting Women

Our vision is to see every woman supported and nurtured from conception, through to birth and beyond. 

We make women feel good with a unique combination of classes and therapies The Garner Method, which fully supports women's needs and well being to feel a deep sense of peace, fear release, calm and confidence. The method has been developed by Simone over twenty years experience as an holistic body work therapist and teacher, ten of those years specifically concentrating solely on the needs of women during key transitional stages in their life. Research studies have proven where women were consistently supported by another nurturing heath care provider, their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing  was enhanced leading to a healthier, happier pregnancy, birth and post natal period. 

Lengthy study and  practice has enabled Simone to develop this method to be thorough and effective in every way.


Consistent Support for Women