wellness mindset



Being struck down personally with a chronic illness 10 years ago, almost unable to walk, and now being back to optimum health, running 10ks, climbing mountains and stronger than before, I have learned key skills along the way that I have found to be advantageous to my recovery, resilience and reboot of a new life! I want to share this with you and your team to ignite becoming your best self and inspiring to motivate you to transform into a wellness mindset too.  

Daily 5 to thrive workshop to become your best self in your personal and professional life motivating you to adopt a wellness mindset for reaching your optimal potential living well.


  • Thoughts Words Actions impact
  • Gratitude and Giving Daily
  • Love, Laugh, Play Attitude
  • Body Awareness, Exercise, Eating, Clean Living 
  • Heart Centred Mindfulness Focus

The Garner Method ®️ offers workshops and training sessions in The Daily 5 - Becoming your best self sessions - Bringing information, guidance, practical steps and support for you to explore a transformational healthier, happier and more efficient you in your life at work and home. A wellness mindset for life from a holistic approach. 

Options - 2 hour boost - 1/2 day - Full day immersion